Wheel Sentry® addresses a hot safety topic at the CV Show 2016

News Blog   ›   News   –   May 4, 2016

Wheel Sentry® addresses a hot safety topic at the CV Show 2016

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The Wheel Sentry® wheel nut indicator and retainer system proved to be a big hit at the CV Show, with over 200 safety conscious fleet operators showing an interest in the revolutionary new product.

Visitors to the Wheel Sentry® stand, a brand of ATE UK Ltd, were able to see the product and appreciate the clear benefits of fitting the safety device to their fleet. Clearly the prevailing concern was the fact that almost all visitors to the stand had issues with the worrying problem of wheel detachment. Here are just a few recorded comments;

It was good to see so many operators concerned about wheel safety, and all too often we hear similar issues, but the good news is that help is at hand.

Wheel Sentry® effectively addresses all these problems by not only indicating a loose wheel nut but also retaining it at a lower torque level awaiting inspection. Damage, injuries and fatalities, as well as the potential for VOSA prohibitions, corporate manslaughter charges, unlimited fines, loss of ‘O’ Licence, loss of market share, downtime and costly repairs… can all be prevented. A little booklet explaining the unique system can be downloaded here.

A spokesman commented, “It’s been an excellent show and we were almost overwhelmed by the amount of interest shown by fleet operators who were concerned to improve road safety and prevent damage to their business. We have a lot of appointments booked and look forward to working with these companies over the following days and weeks”.

Wheel Sentry® is available for all common stud configurations, including 6, 8 and 10 stud.

6 Stud rim - with WS & Band8 Stud rim - fitted WS & Band10 Stud rim - with WS & Band

Wheel safety doesn’t stop at fitting indicators…a holistic approach is needed, together with a consistent, comprehensive maintenance program. The driver’s role is key in completing daily pre-journey checks of his vehicle, including the wheel fittings. Any loosened wheel nuts should be re-torqued to the specified level using a calibrated torque wrench. You can read more on how to maintain wheels and prevent wheel loss in our in-depth article here.