A Driver Should Check:

  • The position of wheel nut indicator devices (if Fitted) which show if wheel nuts have moved
  • Signs to nuts and studs
  • Cracked wheels, nuts , washers
  • Missing, broken or loose fixings/components
  • Distorted rims
  • Elongation of stud holes
  • Signs of wheel loosens. If so check the wheel nuts with a calibrated torque wrench
  • Bright metal in the area of nut and washer seating
  • Rust that can be seen radiating out from the area of the nut and washer
  • Blocked ventilation holes

Preventing Loose Wheel Nuts

Loose wheel nuts can be difficult to identify by a purely visual inspection. Wheel Sentry once fitted makes this process easy by clearly identifying the nuts which have become loose. With its integral Viton band retainer even if a nut loosens Wheel sentry will hold it in place at lower torque level preventing the nut from coming off altogether.

Fitting Wheel Sentry

The five step guide to fitting the Wheel Sentry loose wheel nut system.

Wheel Loss Totally Eliminated with Wheel Sentry® Or Double Your Money Back*

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is.

We are so confident that Wheel Sentry® is the best combined loose wheel nut indicator, wheel nut cover and wheel nut retainer available on the market – that we refund double your purchase cost back.

When you weigh up the odds and the cost Wheel Sentry® only has to prevent 1 fixed penalty notice per vehicle to pay for itself. It really is a no brainer for the serious fleet operator.

* The ‘Double Your Money Back’ offer is available for 30 days post purchase. Please note the offer is limited to Wheel Sentry products bought under an agreed trial purchase.