In a recent survey 32% of truckers admitted that they didn’t check their vehicle for loose wheel nuts before a journey. This becomes a major issue with possible prosecutions following roadside checks by the DVSA or Traffic Police.

Drivers can be stopped by the DVSA or Traffic Police for a vehicle inspection. As an operator you get points for every infringement of the rules or road worthiness defect that is identified. Simply fitting Wheel sentry to your fleet will demonstrate that you are taking loose wheel nut and wheel detachment seriously. It will enable drivers to quickly identify and correct a loose wheel nut and shows that you are serious about the wheel safety of your vehicles.

The Penalties

The DVSA and Traffic Police can after a road worthiness inspection, issue fixed penalty notices for roadworthiness offences such as defective wheel or wheel fixings.

Fixed penalties can be as high as £300 per issue and some offences also carry an endorsement. If the fault is severe they may also prevent the vehicle from driving on the road until the defects are fixed. The culpability of the driver is the main consideration when issuing a fixed penalty notice.

If the nature or manner in which the offences are committed are considered too severe, or too numerous for the offer of a fixed penalty the offender will be handed a notice of intended prosecution and notified of the relevant amount of financial penalty deposit on the Court Financial Penalty Deposit Requirement Notice which could be as high as £1,500 per incident.


If wheel loss results in an accident involving other vehicles the driver and operator of the vehicle may also be liable for the vehicle damage or injury. Successful claims are frequently made for compensation for the physical, emotional and financial loss resulting from the accident. Claims costs can vary from as little £2,000-£3,000 to £70,000 depending on the nature of the damage or injury and in the case of a preventable death could be significantly more.

Its clear that that the cost of not fitting truck and HGV wheel nut indicators to your fleet is clearly outweighed by the benefits of reduced exposure to fines and prosecution.