The Wheel Sentry Range

If you are looking for a loose wheel nut indicator that out performs all other products on the market and also delivers the added security of a wheel nut retainer then you should look no further than Wheel Sentry®.

Wheel Sentry is available in a range of indicator types

Wheel Sentry Standard Indicators

The original Wheel Sentry Standard Indicator is an indicator that is a complete wheel nut cover and indicator/retainer all in one. Its available in all nut and stud configurations.

It is a legal requirement to have a Wheel Nut Indicator on Commercial Vehicles. Why not ensure that by following these legislation’s, you save lives as well.


Wheel Sentry Reflector Indicators

The Wheel Sentry Reflector indicators are a brand new innovation from ATE to the Wheel Sentry range. Available in all the nut and sizes and in all stud configurations of the standard range, but with the addition of a reflective cap. This is an essential product for all vehicles where wheel nuts protrude above the wheel rim. Reflector Indicators are a key safety feature ensuring that cyclists and pedestrians are always aware of wheel safety hazard.

Wheel Sentry Low Profile Indicators

The Wheel Sentry Low Profile Indicators are a new design that does not include a cover and allows the Indicator to sit lower on the wheel nut. However unlike similar styles of wheel nut indicator from other vendors the Wheel Sentry Low Profile Indicator also includes the Viton band wheel nut retention system.


Wheel Sentry is available in a wide range of nut and sizes and in all stud configurations for both heavy goods and light goods vehicles and trailers.To buy Wheel Sentry online visit our ATE trailer parts website


Read about how Wheel Sentry® is making a difference:

"After a spate of incidents involving our towed plant and trailers, we decided to try ATE Wheel Sentry. We have now rolled this out to all of our branches across the UK. I have found this product to be very well designed and high quality. The perfect cost effective solution to identifying loose wheels and overheating hubs, before there's a serious problem."

"We have used ATE for many years and they understand that as a hire business our main priority is the safety of our equipment, We are always looking for ways to improve this and the ATE Wheel Sentry is an innovative step up from the conventional wheel nut indicator.

It gives peace of mind to both ourselves and our customers, add this to its ease of use, competitive price and the back up from ATE themselves we can recommend this product with confidence."

"The Wheel Sentry set have been fitted and to be honest they were easier to fit than the standard yellow pointers we use."

Dave Pacey
Ashtead Plant Hire Company Ltd

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