How The Wheel Nut Indicator Became A Retainer

Following 18 months of intensive research and development by the WheelSentry Parent Company ATE-UK a brand-new wheel safety product has evolved and come to market. Wheel Sentry® helps prevent the expense of damage or accident, and provides prompt indication of any potential wheel detachment problems. It must now be considered an essential system for all companies who are serious about commercial vehicle safety.

ATE UK Specialise in Trailer Parts and Spares, and noticed an increase of wheel loss within the industry, so they decided to do something about it. This incredible new system uses the same types of Wheel Nut Indicators that you are used to, with the added benefit of a band being fitted between, to ensure that if the wheel is loose, then the band retains the nut until you are able to do the correct procedures to fix the problem. Saving live sin the meantime.

The Only Wheel Nut Indicator and Retainer

The innovative Wheel Sentry® product is the only combined wheel nut indicator and retainer system on the market. The bright green combined wheel nut covers and indicators, when fitted to the wheel nuts of a HGV, LGV or trailer, are linked together with a Viton band that allows wheel nuts to loosen slightly, but then holds them in place at a lower torque level.

On a driver’s daily check the new position of the Wheel Sentry® on a loosened wheel nut is clearly visible and ensures it receives prompt attention.


Wheel Sentry® Offers These Significant Benefits:

  • Unique two-in-one solution both indicates and retains loosened nuts
  • Makes wheel checks and maintenance easy
  • Prevents catastrophic damage and liability for third-party costs
  • Fits all known stud configurations up to 10 stud
  • The only indicator that effectively manages 5 stud configurations
  • No tools needed to install or replace
  • Heat build-up easily detected
  • Prevents metal fatigue or thread damage through over-stretching

Click here for the kit information for an HGV, LGV or trailer.


Read about how Wheel Sentry® is making a difference:

"After a spate of incidents involving our towed plant and trailers, we decided to try ATE Wheel Sentry. We have now rolled this out to all of our branches across the UK. I have found this product to be very well designed and high quality. The perfect cost effective solution to identifying loose wheels and overheating hubs, before there's a serious problem."

"We have used ATE for many years and they understand that as a hire business our main priority is the safety of our equipment, We are always looking for ways to improve this and the ATE Wheel Sentry is an innovative step up from the conventional wheel nut indicator.

It gives peace of mind to both ourselves and our customers, add this to its ease of use, competitive price and the back up from ATE themselves we can recommend this product with confidence."

"The Wheel Sentry set have been fitted and to be honest they were easier to fit than the standard yellow pointers we use."

Dave Pacey
Ashtead Plant Hire Company Ltd

  • UK Power Networks
  • Stan Robinson
  • EDF Energy
  • Atlas